Andhra Pradesh Priorities
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Andhra Pradesh Priorities explores the merits and pitfalls of different solutions for Andhra Pradesh, covering themes related to poverty, health, education, the environment, and many others.

Follow the links (colored links lead to released research) to learn more about the benefits and costs of specific policy interventions.

Andhra Pradesh Priorities: Child Marriage, Mithal

In a hurry? Download the full PDF summary . The Problem Child marriage is defined by India’s Child Marriage Prohibition Act 2006 as the marriage of girls under 18 years of age, and marriage of boys...

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Andhra Pradesh Priorities: Skills, Sunay Policy Advisory

In a hurry? Download the full research summary PDF . The Problem India presently has only 2.3 percent of its workforce with some kind of formal skills training. According to Government's Skill Gap...

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Andhra Pradesh Priorities: Tuberculosis, Arinaminpathy

In a hurry? Download full PDF research summary . The Problem Tuberculosis (TB) is a major global health challenge, and in 2016 India accounted for over a quarter of estimated TB incidence and over a...

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