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Andhra Pradesh State Planning Board Meeting

Andhra  Pradesh State Planning Board (APSPB) play a critical role in promoting efficient use of available resources for the sustainable and balanced development of state of Andhra Pradesh.


The discussion included various ongoing government initiatives along with State priorities with focus on various sector.  The following sectors and intervention were discussed and deliberated in details; 

  1. Disaster preparedness and capacity building 
  2. Promotion and development of tourism sector 
  3. Micro-irrigation 
  4. Capital region development plan 
  5. Quality of education at primary and secondary level 

The discussion on seven missions by the government and the process to expedite socio-economic growth in State by focusing on social capital, economic infrastructure and governance was also highlighted. 

  1. Primary Sector Mission
  2. Social Empowerment Mission
  3. Knowledge and Skill Development Mission – Knowledge Sub-Mission and Skill Sub-Mission
  4. Urban Development Mission,
  5. Industry Sector Mission
  6. Infrastructure Mission and
  7. Service Sector Mission – IT Sub-Mission and Tourism Sub Mission etc.,

The Government’s vision on connecting each household to access the basic amenities by establishing the following five grids in a definite time frame also came during discussions;

  1. Water Grid  to provide regular drinking water supply
  2. Road Grid  to provide all weather access
  3. Power Grid  to provide 24X7 uninterrupted quality power supply to domestic and industrial connections and nine hours power supply to agriculture connections
  4. Gas Grid  to provide access to gas
  5. Fiber Optic Grid- to provide internet connectivity to each household

The meeting was attended by following officials along with representative of Tata trust and Copenhagen Consensus Center; 

  1. Dr.C.Nagaraju, Joint Director
  2. Saikumar Chintalapudi Associate Professor
  3. Dr. Patibandla Srikant, Research consultant 
  4. Shri Krupakar Reddy, Vijaywada PMU, Tata Trust