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Sector Expert Consultation On Transport

A consultation for the Transport sector was organized in partnership with the Vizag Chamber of Commerce on 10th August 2017 at Vishakhapatnam.


Some of the major challenges that the state of Andhra faces includes bottlenecks and lack of high quality connectivity roads to industrial hubs and ports constraining its industrial growth, resource constraints for maintenance and huge capacity upgrading requirements, connectivity and capacity augmentation requirements. Further a high growth in size and volume of traffic along with an absence of multi-modal logistics hub also poses a problem. In Andhra, only 80% of households connected to a road with some remote areas still having only single track rail.

The discussions during the consultation lead to the suggested interventions listed below.

List of Interventions

  • Reliable and standardised public transportation
  • Optimizing utility of existing road network 
  • Futuristic planning of road and rail network to include emergence of satellite towns and cities
  • Airport terminal with international connectivity
  • Rail lines should be increased  with optimization of existing capacity 
  • Increase port efficiency through improved transport infrastructure for trade facilitation
  • Improve pedestrian safety with dedicated walkways – create footpaths
  • Prioritize areas with poor  connectivity which could lead to higher outcomes 
  • Increase rail usage for local commutes (Similar to Mumbai)
  • Evacuation of material from ports should be faster and more streamlined
  • Designing of roads while projecting the possible usage, avoid bottlenecks
  • Improve domestic tourism
  • Pipeline connectivity for safely transporting hazardous chemicals to and from Ports at Vizag
  • Investments should take into account over-capacity – the emphasis on service, IT and low thrust on industrialization
  • Road safety fund 
  • Reduce and regulate development at least for last 100 mts in and around port and facilities
  • Roadmap to identify road networks with poor last mile connectivity 
  • Improve connectivity of remote places in rural area 
  • Satellite airports for last mile connectivity
  • Traffic advisory committee 
  • Improve waterways
  • Congestion tax

List of Participants

  • A.K.Balaji, President, Vassiwa
  • Deepak.M.Menda, Director, Vizhakapatam Chamber
  • G.V.Sivakumar, CEO, Maple Software
  • M.G.Vaidyan, Senior Advisor, Tata Trusts
  • Monish Row, President, Vizhakapatam Chamber
  • Pooja Parvati, Nil, Tata Trusts
  • Prof. B. Balamohan Das, Former Vice Chancellor, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur
  • Ravi Eswarappa, Director 
  • President, Pena4 Tech Solutions
  • RVS Rudraraju, Director, RHI Clasil Ltd
  • Sasanka Kireeti, Nil, Tata Trusts
  • Sonal Sarda, Director, Sarda Metal & Alloys
  • Y.Narasimha Rao, Architect, Nil