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Youth Forum: Fort-Liberte, Northeast Department

From February 2017, the Copenhagen Consensus Center began hosting regional Youth Forums across Haiti. 

These Youth Forums are a platform created by Haiti Priorise to enable young people from 18-30 years old to access the new research, discuss and debate their views, and present their perspective on development priorities for Haiti.

In May, a national Youth Forum will be held, to consider all of the research from the project.

With approximately 60% of the country under the age of 30, the youth are a very important group. Haiti Priorise is especially concerned to ensure that young women are given a voice in the discussion about priorities.

The third Youth Forum took place in Fort-Liberte, Northeast Department . A total of 51 of young Haitians took part, engaging in discussion and debate about the top priorities for their region and for Haiti.

Top priorities

  • civics education
  • decentralization

Lowest priority

  • national ambulance network


Universite d’Etat d’Haiti, Ecole de Droit et de la Science Economique de Fort-Liberte