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Fix The Climate: Advice for Policymakers

In 2009, the Copenhagen Consensus Center commissioned new research on the economics and feasibility of different responses to global warming, and then used Nobel Laureate economists to evaluate that research and identify the best and worst ways to counter this global challenge. 
Their work centered around the key question, 
"If the global community wants to spend up to, say, $250 billion per year over the next 10 years to diminish the adverse effects of climate changes, and to do the most good for the world, which solutions would yield the greatest net benefits?"

After scrutinizing the 21 research papers, the Expert Panel agreed upon a prioritized list showing the most – and least – effective ways of reining in temperature increases.  They  concluded  that  the  most  effective use of resources would be to invest in:

  • Researching  solar  radiation  management technology;
  • A  technology-led  policy  response  to  global warming  that  is  designed  to  develop  green technology faster;
  • Researching carbon storage technology;    

In  the  Advice  for  Policymakers  publication,  the authors go a step further, by outlining the arguments for investment in each of the Expert Panel’s top-rated proposals. These papers provide a timely and useful contribution to discussion about the best responses to global warming.


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