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Sector Expert Consultation on Digitisation and Innovation

On November 3rd, 2017, the Sector Expert Consultation on Digitization and Innovation was held at Hotel Clark Amar, Jaipur. The discussions ranged but not limited to innovation in governance, efficient delivery of services, innovation in digital space for larger public good as well as ongoing digitization initiatives by government and industries. The consultation was organized in collaboration of Startup Oasis, Rajasthan. A total number of 27 experts participated in the consultation. 

Rajasthan Priorities: Sector Expert Consultation on Digitization and Innovation

The consultation included experts from government agencies like the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Rajasthan, Indian Institute of Craft & Design, Digital Empowerment Foundation, BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) Innovative Center-UICB-CCT, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Common Services Centers (CSC) – SPV- Digital India scheme along with founders and founder and CEO of many start-ups and leading stakeholders from digitization and innovation sector of Rajasthan State.   

The experts came up with a list of 54 interventions for the Digitization and Innovation Sector in Rajasthan.


  • Potential Interventions - Digitization and innovation
  • E-enablement of all public services -  include e-submission of forms, electronic workflows, e-payments, use of DSC, online/SMS-based status tracking, and the final delivery of services electronically (also includes cross-sharing of data amongst various departments/government agencies and e-authentication)
  • Broadcast white space for rural deployment (a case for Gov to make it available) 
  • Access to open Application program interface (APIs) – (to enable end to end services)   
  • integrated common platform for all government services/ departments 
  • Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in existing education curriculum to promote innovation      
  • better digital infrastructure for increasing access for all 
  • High-speed internet available for all (promoting broadband connectivity to each house) – using unlicensed spectrum and other innovations 
  • Capacity building of frontline workers   
  • Availability of low-cost data services in rural area including farmers with a case of more investment  
  • promoting the basic skills to use internet/smart devices to access the existing knowledge and information (in rural and remote areas) 
  • Create an integrated platform to ensure end-to-end grievance redressal
  • Ecosystem for promoting social interventions in digital space (infrastructure/facilities etc)
  • Creation of next-generation IT Infrastructure and up-gradation of existing IT infrastructure 
  • rural technology incubation support, biotech incubation support program and incubation support program for women (financial support available) (DoST)
  • Automation for public services with end-to-end automated office processes and workflow automation
  • More Atal Tinkering Lab (or State initiative at larger scale) - A case of upheaval/revamping education system to promote awareness – more resources through corporate funding 
  • More sectoral incubation centers for craft sectors (to have a higher social impact) 
  • Low-cost digital payment service platforms 
  • Platform for collaboration for existing players in the State (to enable replication and better impact) 
  • Reliable/predictive/ consistence digital payment service platforms 
  • To promote community network - A case for usage of Un-license spectrum (2.4 GH and 1.4 GH) – cost-effective (for non-profit usage) – substantiality, training, and capacity building 
  • availability of digital services in the local language  
  • Capacity building for e-commerce and more effective use of digital space and technology – to promote social entrepreneurship 
  • More awareness and ensuring sustainability of existing scheme/program – enable startups and social enterprises to do this. 
  • Access and availability of low-cost devices (internet access) to people at bottom of the pyramid  
  • Using existing digital space/services for creating awareness about government scheme   
  • Digital literacy for all (for old and adding in at school level) 
  • connectivity of schools through satellite communication based technology program –Department of Science and Technology, Govt of Raj Prog (DoST)
  • Promote cross-sector collaboration/partnership - enabling environment for promoting innovative ideas 
  • Promote the innovation at digital space- like Open data hackathon/ competition/ platform application building etc. 
  • Provide all government services through mobile devices for on-the-move service delivery
  • NOFN and broadband connectivity to promote the last mile connectivity - Railtel / post office
  • Promote e-literacy at every household level to bridge digital divide
  • Train craftsmen to set up storefronts/digital capacity building in crafts
  • promotion of e-services and improving the digitization to capture data in the health system (e-soft/e-asha) for frontline health worker 
  • Incentive to promote innovation in public health (to deal with extra work demand for traditional/paperwork and new digital system) 
  • Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan – PMG Disha program ( to promote the digital literacy) 
  • Extended State Data Centre to provide ‘on-the-go’ services through an integrated cloud-based mechanism to all actors  
  • Avoid the duplicity of Bhamashah and AADHAR card requirement 
  • Provide a common Gateway for all citizen services - corresponding required information available to public leveraging eMitra Integrated Service Delivery Platform and Bhamashah.
  • Kiosk/better digital platform to capture data in health like Daksh- intelligent labor monitoring tool (pilot project) 
  • Automated Service Delivery with automated one-time verification of Government documents
  • Digital library 
  • Digital e-vault for storing important document (Rajasthan Govt initiative) 
  • Digital lockers (GoI initiative)
  • Environment-friendly solution for controlling pest: nanotech innovation   
  • Opportunities for existing human resources with skills in internet and digital tech
  • Awareness and IEC campaign for ownership of public facilities 
  • Provide high-speed internet access (wired and wireless) for in Rajasthan and creation of fiber-ready urban homes
  • Install self-service kiosks or mobile CSC (including Van) across the State
  • Centres for converging various digital services as access point (like CSCs)
  • How to leverage CSCs better. 
  • Environment-friendly fabric and chemical based anti-dandruff shampoo

List of Participants

  • Chintan Bakshi, Director, Startup Oasis, Rajasthan  
  • Aniket Doegar, Co-founder & CEO, Haqdarshak 
  • Ankur Rohatgi, Project Druv, Tata Trust 
  • Gaurav Khandelwal, Director PR & Communication, CONTREE
  • Jagadish Ghuge, Co-founder, MERAPAPER
  • Shivraj Vaishnav, Team Leader, GDS, Jawaja (Ajmer)
  • Binil Mohan, Asst. Professor, In-charge Special Projects, Indian Institute of Craft & Design
  • K.J.Rao Ph.D, Post Doctoral Associate, University of Rajasthan
  • Abhishek Pareek, CEO, Atal Incubation Centre, Banasthali Vidyapith 
  • Dr.Manu Sikarwar, Project Director, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of Rajasthan 
  • Mohammed Shahnawaz, Director, Khushi Baby
  • Dr.Mdhu Sudhama Murthy, BIRAC (Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council) Innovative Center-UICB, CCT
  • A.K.Godika, Executive Director, Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Ritu Srivastava, ‎General Manager - Research & Advocacy, Digital Empowerment Foundation
  • Eshita Mukherjee, Sr. Research officer, Digital Empowerment Foundation
  • Arun Agarwal, Founder & Director, Janitri Innovations
  • Dr.Vijendra Banshiwal, Program Manager, Khushi Baby Inc
  • Amar Chanchal, Economist, TATA Trusts - India Concencus
  • Bhavana jain, District Program Manager, JSVS-PEDO, Mada, Dungarpur
  • Neha Gupta, District Project Co-ordinator, Manjari Foundation
  • Dr.Mohd Tanvir Qureshi, Manager, University Innovation Cluster- Biotechnology
  • Rajdeep Dutta, Program Associate-digital initiative, TATA Trusts
  • Vijiya, Program Associate, Center for Micro Finance, Jaipur
  • Asheesa Panwar, State Head, Common Services Centers (CSC) scheme - SPV 
  • Nikhil Arora, Asst. Manager, CSC - SPV 
  • Chetan Singh, Executive, CSC - SPV