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Sector Expert Consultation on Energy

On 16th November, a sector expert consultation was organized for energy at Amar Clark, Jaipur. The consultation was aimed to identify the most important issues for the energy sector in Rajasthan state. A total of 35 sector experts participated in the consultation.

Rajasthan Priorities: Sector Expert Consultation on Energy

The experts from the Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited, Government of Rajasthan, Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited (ILFS), Rajasthan Solar Association, JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur, TATA Power, CUTS International, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited and Samta Power etc. participated in consultations.

All experts contributed to a meaningful discussion on the solutions to address challenges for the energy sector in the state. A total of 35 interventions for the sector were listed.


  • Capacity building of Staff and Officials in electricity boards – Need for mandatory residential training programs for engineers/technical staff of companies due to lack of trained and qualified technical staff in distribution companies 
  • Training institute focused on training of skilled manpower for distribution companies (high quality and training of front-line workers) -  at circle/region level
  • Integration of Research into activities of energy department and interlinked with board and companies (strongly came out) 
  • Independent safety organization (for transmission and distribution companies) to ensure hundred percent implementation of safety guidelines. Many workers have died due to lack of safety practices by front-line workers – 3 accident every day 
  • Improving use of information technology in transmission and distribution companies (promote Internet of things in electricity sector)– like online MIS, putting all usage data in public to improve the transparency (including skilled manpower) 
  • Sustainability of solar connection - Standalone connection (including provision of operation and maintenance in-place along with ensuring the ownership by community) 
  • Smart Grid - Integration of Grid with solar plant or small power production unit at individual level – lack of net metering infrastructure to utilize electricity from small and distributed electricity producers (CBA on possibility of establishing the network of microgrid than creating the large-scale infrastructure investment for distribution)
  • Smart metering (providing basic smart meter with less data usage where local entrepreneur supporting the infra needed) - Install net (smart) energy meter – connecting net meter with data logger to see the production by individual solar unit 
  • Promoting consumer awareness for electricity usage, efficient technology and smart technologies, functioning, and control of discom   
  • Separation of technical operations and business operations by Discom (different officials to deal with each issue)
  • Strengthening the vigilance department in distribution companies including the vigilance staff at consumer level – to help reduce corruption which is the biggest problem in discoms 
  • RWAs (resident welfare associations in urban areas) to be encouraged for energy saving parameters through Rajasthan energy conservation authority 
  • Encouragement for usage of Bio-mass for energy production (as its already available) 
  • Provision of “thermal energy storage space” (at household and individual organization level) in order to sustain the peak load demand 
  • Behavior skill training for frontline functionaries –interpersonal and soft skills – along with technical training
  • Online system for billing, noting the meter reading for electric usage and bill submission; Billing to individuals (family and discom) – monthly bill (instead of two monthly) and provision of online payment 
  • Banking for solar plant with provision by government to ensure banking benefit for long-term (at present it's only till 2019) and availability of credit for solar projects to industry/companies (banking) – No Private entities currently invest in solar sector despite subsidy due to short time frames
  • Consistency in policy and regulations for industries investing in solar and wind energy sector  
  • Remove subsidy for electricity usage by water pump by farmers in agriculture - This is promoting over-extraction of water from ground beyond the limits. Promotion of energy efficient pump sets to increase efficiency and diminish their subsidy needs, as well as decrease burden of the farmers.
  • Smart scheduling of Pump sets and use of incentives and penalties in agriculture sector to ensure minimal use of water
  • High electricity price for local industries (local industries are shifting out of Rajasthan) is hampering growth of industry
  • Accountability by electricity board and distribution companies – better governance and independent audit of distribution companies (huge loss of discom) – Inbuilt provision of penalty for discom for poor service and consider the cost involved on discom 
  • Single window clearance for all projects as well as subsidy benefits 
  • Mandatory energy use disclosure programs
  • Grid-interactive demand response by smart appliances, buildings/industrial consumers
  • Startups and entrepreneurs to be involved in training for energy sector 
  • Integration of energy planning and policies with other departmental activities and priorities"
  • Cohesive energy planning – balancing the energy mix between renewable energy and conventional energy (not to overcommit which is not feasible) 
  • Use of energy efficient technologies - A program is also being carried out to sell LED light bulbs at the price of incandescent as a way to promote the purchase
  • Improving operational control of existing power plants through Rajasthan - Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam (RVUN)
  • Awareness creation as an essential component of any energy efficiency programme
  • Financial interventions in the form of incentives for responsible consumption 
  • Clear policies need to be made regarding end of life with respect to major energy consuming equipment in industrial, and non-industrial sectors
  • Compulsory solar power unit by individual and companies (rooftop) in urban area with provision of allowing to install bigger unit than their expected consumption 
  • Easier process for getting new connecting and remove procedural delay for Solar (especially captive power set up) under Rajasthan electricity board and Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation

List of Participants

  • A K Sharma, General Manager, Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation limited (RREC), Govt of Rajasthan 
  • Surendra Vashistha, Project Manager (GIPP-II), Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation limited, 
  • Bharat Dwivedi, Director HQ, Samta Power
  • Anandraju Goswami, CEO, Founder, Tohri OPC, Pvt Limited
  • Harsha Meenawat, Assistant Manager, IL & FS / IAAD
  • Abhishek Kumar, Director, CUTS International, Jaipur
  • Sunil Bansal, General Secretary, Rajasthan Solar Association
  • Rahul Dutt Mathur, Public Affairs Coordinator, Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Limited
  • Gaurav Sharma, CEO, Thankyou
  • Dr. Pushpendra Singh, Associate Professor & HOD Electrical Engg. JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur
  • Vinod Mittal, Director, Tecso Projects Ltd, Baroda
  • Mohit Kathel, Manager Corporate Affairs, TATA Power
  • Avdhesh Sharma, SBA, Samta Power
  • Simon Grover, Director, BASK Research Foundation
  • Dharm Deo, Agarwal, Consultant, Samta Power
  • Jyothirmayi Mathur, Professor, Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur
  • Gyan Singh Saluja, President, Mansarovar Sector-5, Residents Welfare Society
  • Kailash Chand Saini, Member, Samta Power
  • Manjeet Singh, RVPN
  • D. P. Chirania, Chairman, RSEB, (Retired) Abhiyanta Evam Adhikari, Jan Kalyan Trust
  • Abraham Arslan, Director & CTO, Thankyou 
  • Narendra Pratap Singh, SRO, CEDS, Jaipur
  • Kuldeep Verma, Member, Samta Power
  • Nareshkumar, Research Associate, Rajasthan Solar Association
  • Vikas Mohatta, C.M. F.T.T, F.T.T
  • R.K.Sharma, CEO, Nimitta Digital Solutions Pvt.Ltd
  • Kailasu Chand Gupta, Samta Power
  • Pradeep Raghav, Member, Samta Power
  • Sandeep Gurnani, Director, Solar91, Clean-tech Private Limited
  • Akhilesh Trivedi, Mentor, Bijson Innovations Pvt. Ltd