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Reduce domestic violence, and it will unleash an economic bonanza worth thousands of crores

Indian states would enjoy an economic boon worth thousands of crores of rupees if they reduce domestic violence, brand new research reveals.

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Crime and Violence

Crime and Violence image

Crime and Violence

A new research paper by Srinivas Raghavendra, Mrinal Chadha, and Nata Duvvury of the National University of Ireland Galway helps close gaps in the evidence related to interventions aimed at reducing domestic violence.  Domestic violence in Rajasthan costs the state an estimated INR 8,200 crore per year.

The study looks at two interventions with a strong track record internationally. The first is based on the SASA! project, a community mobilisation intervention seeking to change the norms and behaviours that result in gender inequality and violence, pioneered in Uganda and used in more than 20 countries. The second intervention, used in South Africa, combines microfinance with training about domestic violence, gender norms and sexuality, thus providing women with the means and knowledge to improve their well-being.

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Ranking Solutions in Terms of Social Value for Money image

Ranking Solutions in Terms of Social Value for Money

Learn how the interventions to improve crime and violence in Rajasthan compare to policy options across other social sectors in terms of social, economic and environmental benefits per rupee spent.

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Sector Expert Consultation

The consultation was organized in collaboration with Rajasthan Police Academy at Jaipur on October 4th, 2017 and a total of 44 sector experts attended the consultation. The session was moderated by Shri. Rajeev Dasot, (Addl. Director General of Police and Director, Rajasthan Police Academy, Jaipur) and Mr. Omendra Bharadwaj, Ex. Director General of Rajasthan Police. All experts contributed to a meaningful discussion on the solutions to address challenges in energy. A total of 56 interventions were listed. 

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