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Building India’s talent base

When India found itself at the 103rd position in the recent World Economic Forum ranking of 130 nations on the preparedness of talent, it was just another indication of the skills challenge.

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Andhra Jyothy has published an op-ed by Bjorn Lomborg discussing the results from our research on skills.

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Skill Development and Employment

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Mansi Arora, Rajesh Chakrabarti, and Kushal Sagar Prakash from Sunay Policy Advisory have undertaken an analysis of three key ways to up-skill more people: vocational training; apprenticeships; and loans to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

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Sector Expert Consultations

On November 15th, 2017, the sector expert consultation on skill and employment was held at Hotel Clark Amar, Jaipur. The discussion focused on the various issue in skills development sector in Rajasthan and how more sustainable employment can be created in the State. A total number of 22 experts participated in the consultation.

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Ranking Solutions in Terms of Social Value for Money

Learn how the interventions to improve skill development and employment in Rajasthan compare to policy options across other social sectors in terms of social, economic and environmental benefits per rupee spent.

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