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The India Consensus is a partnership between Tata Trusts and the Copenhagen Consensus Center. The aim is to identify the smartest solutions to some of India's most pressing development challenges. Studies will be conducted across a wide range of policy areas - from education, health and governance to trade, infrastructure development, and energy – through state wide prioritization projects.

The India Consensus’ prioritization projects will utilize the Copenhagen Consensus approach which has been refined over the past ten years to improve global and regional spending priorities and has now been adapted to reflect the diversity and size of India.

The first prioritization projects will take place during 2017/18 in Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. The prioritization projects unite the best academic research, employing cost-benefit analysis, with sector expert input, broad and inclusive stakeholder engagement, and extensive policy outreach to evaluate and prioritize the smartest interventions.

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Andhra Pradesh Priorities

As a new state, Andhra Pradesh faces a bright future, but it is still experiencing many acute social and economic development challenges. It has made great strides in creating a positive environment for business, and was recently ranked 2nd in India for ease of doing business. Yet, progress needs to be much faster if it is to achieve its ambitions of becoming the leading state in India in terms of social development and economic growth. 

With so many actors and the wide breadth of challenges from access to sanitation and clean water to rural development and agriculture, women’s health and infant nutrition, transport end energy, along with literacy and labor market skills, what should the top priorities be for policy makers, international donors, NGOs and businesses?

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Rajasthan Priorities

Rajasthan is the largest Indian state. It has a diversified economy, with mining, agriculture and tourism. Rajasthan has shown significant progress in improving governance and tackling corruption. However, it continues to face acute social and economic development challenges, and poverty remains widespread.  

What should local, state and national policymakers, donors, NGOs and businesses focus on first, to improve development and overcome the state’s remaining issues?

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