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Meet The Eminent Panel

Nobel Laureate in economics, Professor Finn Kydland, is joined by leading economists from Andhra Pradesh and India - Mahendra Dev, Vinita Bali and Nisha Agrawal. 

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Time for Indian states to pick best opportunities to compete globally

India is transforming, thanks to its strong performance selling products and services around the globe. But what interventions, at a State level, can do the most to ensure Indian exports are globally competitive?

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How to improve agricultural productivity

New research published in MINT Newspaper highlights which policies will be most effective at improving agricultural productivity and farmer livelihoods. Small and marginal farmers in Andhra Pradesh, especially in the Rayalaseema region, suffer from water scarcity together with poor quality seeds

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Diabetes and heart disease should be top health priorities

New research reported in Hindustan Times highlights the cost-effectiveness of four policies in tackling chronic illnesses.

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Time to further reduce maternal mortality rate

An article published in The Economic Times highlights opportunities to further reduce infant and maternal mortality.

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Building India’s talent base

When India found itself at the 103rd position in the recent World Economic Forum ranking of 130 nations on the preparedness of talent, it was just another indication of the skills challenge.

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Fighting TB matters since one case treated saves many others

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the impressive goal of eradicating tuberculosis (TB) in India by 2025

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Andhra Pradesh Priorities

As a new state, Andhra Pradesh faces a bright future, but it is still experiencing many acute social and economic development challenges. It has made great strides in creating a positive environment for business, and was recently ranked 2nd in India for ease of doing business. Yet, progress needs to be much faster if it is to achieve its ambitions of becoming the leading state in India in terms of social development and economic growth. 

With so many actors and the wide breadth of challenges from access to sanitation and clean water to rural development and agriculture, women’s health and infant nutrition, transport end energy, along with literacy and labor market skills, what should the top priorities be for policy makers, international donors, NGOs and businesses? With limited resources and time, it is crucial that focus is informed by what will do the most good for each rupee spent.

The Andhra Pradesh Priorities project as part of the larger India Consensus – a partnership between Tata Trusts and the Copenhagen Consensus Center, will work with stakeholders across the state to identify, analyze, rank and disseminate the best solutions for the state.

We will engage people and institutions from all parts of society, through newspapers, radio and TV, along with NGOs, decision makers, sector experts and businesses to propose the most relevant solutions to these challenges. We will commission some of the best economists in India, Andhra Pradesh, and the world to calculate the social, environmental and economic costs and benefits of these proposals. 

Once the research is available, we'll ask everyone - from Nobel Laureates to everyday citizens - to set their priorities for the state, sparking a nationwide conversation about what the most effective and efficient solutions are for Andhra Pradesh.

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Sector Expert Consultations

A total of 15 Sector Expert Consultations were held for Andhra Pradesh Priorities Project. These consultations were held in Vijayawada, Guntur, Visakhapatnam & Hyderabad. Over 600 interventions in total were suggested during these consultations with over 220 experts participating in the consultations.

The purpose of the sector expert consultations was to introduce policymakers and decision-makers in Andhra Pradesh to the India Consensus, the Andhra Pradesh Priorities project and to describe the kinds of outcomes and how these can be used in prioritizing policies.

More About The Sector Expert Consultations

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