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7th World Science Forum

Last week, President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, Bjorn Lomborg was a guest speaker at the 7th World Science Forum in Budapest. Bjorn was one of four experts chosen to partake in the preliminary panel opening the forum entitled “Sustainability Check 2015.” Bjorn presented the findings from the Post-2015 Consensus project and expressed why focusing global development on interventions that do the most good is the best way to do the most overall good for the world.

“After 3 days of intense discussions delegates of the 7th World Science Forum approved the declaration of WSF2015 at the Parliament pledging to advance the use of science advice, a shift for new, sustainable development paths and an ambitious agreement at the COP21 Paris Summit on Climate Change. WSF participants called upon balanced investment in science, and an international cooperation for capacity-building in the developing world to overcome the pressing challenges of our age and reduce our vulnerability to natural and manmade disasters.”

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All photos credit: MTA Kommunikáció, Katona László.