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The U.N. Chose Way Too Many New Development Goals

After years of build-up, world leaders at the U.N. Friday set some of the most important priorities for the next 15 years, the sustainable development goals.

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Trade-Offs for Global Do-Gooders

To cut world poverty, focus on expanding trade and preschool while ending fossil-fuel subsidies.

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Unsustainable Development Goals

In short, many of the targets are either marginally useful or highly problematic.

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Next-Generation Development

It is morally right that every child should be given the best chance to survive, eat well, stay healthy, and receive an education. Now we also know that it is among the best investments we can make.


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These are the four SDGs we need to agree on to help the planet

Tackling indoor air pollution, protecting coral reefs, boosting R&D in cleaner energy and ending subsidies for fossil fuels are the most important sustainable development goals for safeguarding the environment.

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Bjorn Lomborg and the List That Could Save the World

Wow, 169, you say? To Björn Lomborg, that sure seems like a lot to bite off. “No one can remember 169 goals,” he says, “never mind actually implement them.”

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Smart Development Targets

It turns out that not all targets are equal. Some generate amazing economic, social, and environmental benefits per dollar spent. Many others generate only slightly more than a dollar per dollar spent. Some even generate a net loss, doing less than a dollar of good per dollar spent.

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The economics of optimism

The Economist featured an overview of Copenhagen Consensus' ground-breaking research which is shaping the thinking for the 193 governments about to prioritize the smartest development goals for 2016-2030.

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Fixing the World, Bang-for-the-Buck Edition

Bjorn Lomborg chats with the Freakonomics podcast –the podcast that explores the hidden side of everything, about the work of the Copenhagen Consensus and the Post-2015 Consensus project.


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