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AFP broadband infrastructure article goes global

AFP has published a report about the Center's latest paper on broadband infrastructure which has been syndicated globally including to Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, UK, USA, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Switzerland. The article highlights how increasing broadband access in the developing world can better than many other interventions.

Tripling fixed broadband coverage worldwide from 10% to 30%, or in the developing world from six to 20% during the same timeframe, would meanwhile reap $21 in benefits for each dollar spent, the study found.

Surprisingly, the anlaysis showed that from a purely economic perspective, hiking access to broadband was "phenomenally better than a lot of other proposals" Lomborg said.

Some of the most obvious targets do fare better, with every dollar spent alleviate childhood malnutrition for instance expected to do $45 of good, according to earlier studies.

But others do not stand up to the benefits of broadband expansion, with investments in clean water and sanitation seen bringing benefits of between $3-$5 per dollar spent, Lomborg said."

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