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Building Awareness Around The Globe

There is still much awareness building work to be done in order to ensure the United Nations decides an ambitious albeit concise list of smart targets for the world. That is why Bjorn Lomborg traveled around the world to brief aid agencies, policy advisors, experts and key stake holders; as well as the general public and university students, on the benefits of the expert panel’s 19 smartest targets for the world.

Throughout the course of March, April and May, Bjorn visited a total of 13 countries. The following is a list of highlights of the meetings, lectures and talks. 

- Talk at FGV School of Economics

- Talk at ECCI Bogota University
- USAID meeting at US embassy
- Met with Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos

- Met with Ibrahim Ali Shoukry, The Representative President Director of Islamic Development Bank
- Talk at LPEM-FEUI Institute for Economic and Social research
- Met with David Hulse, Ford Foundation representative, Indonesia
- Met with Toferry Soetikno Director for Development, Economic and Environment on post-2015, Ministry of  Foreign Affairs
- Talks at USAID, UNDP  and World Bank
- Met with Rodrigo Chaves, Country Director Indonesia, World Bank.

- Met with Post-2015 Consensus Youth Forum participants
- TALK at Society of International Development office

- TALK at UVM Universidad del Valle de Mexico

- TALK at Nigerian Turkish Nile University

South Africa
- Spoke with Zaheer Laher, Director: International Cooperation, at the Ministry of International Cooperation SA

United Kingdom 
- Talk at Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship
- Talk at Nexus Europe Youth Summit

United States
- Talk at Harvad Ministerial Forum for Finance Ministers
- Met with students of Havard’s Effective Altruism group