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Cost of gathering data on new development goals could be crippling

The Guardian has published Bjorn’s Lomborg’s latest op-ed which dicusses the findings from the Copenhagen Center’s latest set of research papers focused on the UN ‘data revolution’.

The article begs the questions Have we met the millennium development goals? Which targets are closest?  As Bjorn highlights in this article this question matters because

“the world is discussing the sustainable development goals (SDGs), a new set of targets that will take effect in 2016 and last until 2030. Of course, attention is on high-profile issues such as health, education, food, water and the environment.

But we also need to set aside resources to measure how well we tackle all these issues. How much this will cost and how much the international community can justify spending is discussed by Morten Jerven, a professor at Canada’s Simon Fraser University, in a recent paper for the Copenhagen Consensus Center.”

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