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Feeding people is smart: It's the best investment to do good in the world

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Economic Times, India’s largest business newspaper has published an op-ed article by Bjorn Lomborg which addresses the world’s hunger problem.  While the world is on track to meet the millennium development goal of halving the proportion of people suffering from hunger, nutrition will remain a crucial topic in the post-2015 development agenda. 

Of all the issues that call for our attention, nutrition is exactly the right issue to focus on. Not only is under-nutrition the largest single contributor to child mortality worldwide, it is also morally wrong that in a world with sufficient food, more than 800 million remain hungry. But the most important reason we ought to focus on nutrition is the one you haven't heard. It simply turns out that nutrition is the best way to spend a dollar to do good in the world.

We know this from the Copenhagen Consensus economics project. It asked more than sixty of the world's top economists and four Nobel Laureates to look at a large number of world challenges and find where we could do the most good. Of all the solutions, they found nutrition to be the very best." 

Click here to read the entire article on Economic Times 

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