Post-2015 Consensus
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A Growing list of news sources has begun continual coverage of the Post-2015 Consensus

We're pleased to announce that 20 major newspapers around the world will be publishing articles discussing the findings of our reports from each of the 18 topic areas. The list includes news sources such as the Mail & Guardian, the oldest quality newspaper in South Africa.

In addition to:


  • The East African (regional weekly distributed in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania)
  • The Mail&Guardian (South Africa daily)
  • Daily Graphic (Ghana daily)
  • Daily News Egypt (daily)
  • Daily Trust (Nigeria daily)
  • The Zimbabwe Independent (Zimbabwe weekly)
  • The Standard (Zimbabwe weekly)
  • Addis Fortune (Ethiopia weekly)
  • The Herald (South Africa daily)


  • Economic Times (Times of India)

Latin America:

  • La Tercera, Chile   
  • Perfil, Argentina  
  • Los Tiempos, Bolivia  
  • El País, Uruguay
  • La Nación, Paraguay   
  • La Prensa, Panama
  • La Prensa, Honduras
  • La Prensa, Nicaragua  
  • El Listín, Dominican Republic 
  • La Prensa Gráfica, El Salvador   
  • El Periódico, Guatemala   
  • Milenio, México  
  • El Universo, Ecuador  
  • El Universal, Venezuela  
  • El Comercio, Perú


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