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Visas Best Bet to Strengthen Technology in Developing Countries, Paper Argues

Ian Talley of the Wall Street Journal reports on the findings from our research on Science and Technology targets for the post-2015 development agenda. 

The idea is for a regional agreement—such as across the Americas—that allows free international movement for a certain number of skilled workers and managers, such as engineers, nurses or geologists for 10 years.

As the skilled workers move to the higher paying areas such as the U.S. and Canada, they increase their wages and productivity levels. They transfer both to their home countries: first through remittances and then when moving back after their visas expire.

Mr. Maskus finds that a 5% net expansion in visas across the Americas would yield a net gain of around $50 billion over a decade. A 20% expansion, phased in over five years, would net around $180 billion in net gains."

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