Post-2015 Consensus
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Pakistan Youth Forum

The Post-2015 Consensus Youth Forum in Rawalpindi, Pakistan was organized by Community Service Program (CSP) with student participants from Arid Agriculture University and Quaid-e-Azam University, as well as participants from AREENA Multimedia group.

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The forum consisted of 31 participants. After learning more about the costs and benefits of potential targets for the post-2015 development targets, the 31 participants ranked the following as phenomenal targets for the United Nations to prioritize.

  • Electricity to everyone.
  • Reduce corruption and bribery.
  • Research to increase yields 19. 
  • Enhance female education.
  • Reduce child malnutrition.
  • Open world markets for food and textiles.
  • Reduce forest loss.
  • Eliminate violence against women and girls.

The video and other media on this page were provided by our local Youth Forum partners, to give voice to Youth Forum participants and show individuals' views on priorities.