A Scorecard for Humanity
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Scorecard for Humanity TED Talk

Bjørn Lomborg presented our Scorecard for Humanity TED in New York in October 2013

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A Scorecard for Humanity

A Scorecard for Humanity fits into the ongoing conversation between optimists and pessimists for the last half century. The central question has been: what is the state of the world? The worries of overpopulation, starvation, pollution and running-out-of-everything staked out the pessimist case. The happy-go-lucky attitude gloating in the infallibleness of the market economy stood for the optimists. The results of our study have been published by Cambridge University Press under the book title How Much Have Global Problems Cost the World? A Scorecard from 1900 to 2050 

A new way to compare global problems image

A new way to compare global problems

"This book is a bracing tonic. An excellent survey for students, teachers, and the general public with a wealth of thought-provoking material. If you want to know how the world is doing, and get hard, comparable numbers to back it up, this is where to go."

Alix Peterson Zwane, Executive Director, Evidence Action and the Deworm the World Initiative; Former Senior Program Officer on the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene team, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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The world's top economists have participated image

The world's top economists have participated

As with all Copenhagen Consensus Center projects, we solicit ideas from the world's top economic thinkers. Ten experts have covered ten prioritity areas to give a breakdown of how much problems have cost the global economy. To see who participated, and read their other Copenhagen Consensus contributions, just click the link below. 

The Participants