Post-2015 Consensus
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Get real, swap some ambitious targets for achievable ones

The Economic Times of India has published the first article of 19 op-ed articles written by Bjorn Lomborg to be released over the coming weeks. The op-ed articles will discuss the results from each topic covered by the post-2015 consensus but with a specific focus on what these findings mean for India.  

The SDGs will determine a large part of the $2.5-trillion development aid the world will spend until 2030 and will influence government spending everywhere. In order to spend the money most effectively and help as many people as possible, negotiators now need to zero in on the targets that promise the biggest benefit for the investment. This is a discussion that India, as the world’s biggest democracy, especially needs to participate in and help direct for the benefit of the world."

The Economic Times of India joins a variety of other news sources to be publishing country specific op-ed articles.

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