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Ghana Priorities research explores the smartest solutions to help Ghana, covering themes from poverty and health to education, infrastructure, and gender equality.

Starting in March 2020 we will begin publishing this ground-breaking research. Scroll down to discover the published research papers and continue checking back each week to find the latest publications. 

Ghana Priorities: Tuberculosis

TB is responsible for around 5 percent of total deaths in Ghana annually, and the decline in TB burden is markedly slow, with an average 2.5 percent reduction in TB incidence year on year (GTB 2018). TB mainly affects the working-age population of Ghana (73 percent* incident cases aged 15-44 in 2018), and as many as 70 percent of individuals with TB disease in a given year don’t access TB treatment.

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Ghana Priorities: Maternal and Child Health

Over the last three decades, Ghana has invested large amounts of effort in implementing various strategies to reduce maternal and child mortality in the country.

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Ghana Priorities: LPG Cooking

Over 1.6 million people died globally in 2017 from harmful exposure to PM2.5 emissions from household use of solid fuels such as wood, coal, charcoal, and agricultural residues for cooking according to estimates by the Global Burden of Disease 2017 (GBD 2017) Project. This makes household air pollution (HAP) one of the leading health risk factors in developing countries.

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Ghana Priorities: Poverty

The Problem Poverty remains a problem. There is an overall reduction in national poverty over the last 3 decades, but this masks the persistent spatial concentration of poverty and high inequality...

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Ghana Priorities: Nutrition

Ghana is considered one of the few success stories on the African continent regarding child nutrition. The rates of child growth faltering (indicated as stunting, wasting, and underweight) has declined steadily at the national level.

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